Accutane:The Most Effective Acne Treatment
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The pill is a synthetic Vitamin A that works by compelling cells around the skin surface to turn over and die faster than expected. This encourages growth of new cells. When the turnover increases, hyperpigmentation fades, blocked pores are decongested, and collagen breakdown is hindered. Because the drug does skin exfoliation at the cellular stage, it brings about brighter, smoother, and well-balanced skin with the right oil distribution. Additionally, Vitamin A reduces the population of bacteria in the hair follicle, which also prevents acne.


Furthermore, isotretinoin shrinks the skin’s sebaceous glands, thereby, reducing the production of sebum (the substance that acne bacteria feed on). This way, acne bacteria will find it difficult to survive. The pill continues reducing the quantity of oil that clogs the skin pores even after the patient stops consuming it. Unlike treating a particular spot, the pill works on acne that is found on any part of your body. Although it doesn’t promise a total cure, the outcome is overwhelming as most users are clear after therapy.

Who Should Use Accutane Pills?

Accutane pills are for persons who suffer serious cystic acne that hasn’t yielded results after trying several options such as: • ingesting tetracycline orally • topical application of benzoyl peroxide The acne may become worse within the first week of ingesting the pill. In fact, you may start seeing slight improvements after 1 or 2 months. This requires a lot of patience and consistency. Accutane treats majority of those who consume it such that they won’t have to complain about acne again. Within the first week, 1 in 5 patients become a bit worse while 1 in 500 becomes much worse. However, the others become much better. If the acne comes back, your doctor will recommend another round of treatment. The second phase will commence two months after discontinuing the first phase. Usually, patients take the drug for about four to six months while those who require a repeat therapy will take it for another four to six months. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the drug for a long time. Hence, avoid taking more than what your doctor recommends. Of course, you should expect some side effects when using a drug as powerful as Accutane. When using the drug, your physician must monitor your progress closely. Generally, you can safely ingest the pills, but you shouldn’t skip your monthly check-ups. The pills can be detected in the blood because they are Vitamin A derivatives. When you consume large doses of vitamin A, it presents similar effects as Accutane, both positive & negative, but it becomes harmful later since it accumulates in the tissue. Avoid consuming vitamin A when ingesting Accutane. The body naturally produces Accutane from the existing vitamin A in the blood. As a result, when a pregnant woman consumes vitamin A in excess, it causes congenital abnormalities just like Accutane. Fortunately, because vitamin A occurs naturally, the body quickly gets rid of Isotretinoin within 9 days. Therefore, it leaves no permanent effect on subsequent pregnancies.

Who Should Avoid Accutane?

In pregnant women, the pill might lead to neonatal mortality, severe congenital abnormalities, preterm labor, and miscarriage. One dose could result in serious abnormalities on the baby’s brain or other body parts. Therefore, pregnant women must stay away from Accutane. Women must meet these criteria before ingesting the pill: • You don’t have ovaries and uterus (complete hysterectomy) • You attained the age of menopause within the last 1 year • Your pregnancy test result is negative with a confirmatory test • You are willing to sign an undertaking to use 2 methods if controlling birth (primary & secondary) for about thirty days before commencing treatment with Accutane. You can stop using them thirty days after ingesting the last portion. The strongest methods of the birth control are: • Tying the ovarian tubes; • Estrogen pills; • Vasectomy; • IUD; • Vaginal rings. Other methods of the birth control include: • Vaginal sponge; • Cervical cap; • Diaphragm; • Male condoms w/wo spermicides. An abstinence is one of the most effective methods. If you’re sensitive to Accutane, avoid using it. To ensure you ingest the pill safely, inform the physician if you’ve experienced: • Mental sickness • Respiratory problems • High glucose level • Bone loss • Liver problems • High cholesterol • Anorexia • Allergy to specific ingredients • IBD Women who are breast feeding shouldn’t ingest Accutane. Also, the medicine shouldn’t be administered to children below age 12. In the situation that you’re consuming following medicines, ensure you inform the physician is aware before prescribing Accutane: • Antibiotics • Steroids • Progestin pills • Mineral supplements • State John’s wort • Phenytoin The general Accutane secondary effects are: • Dry skin • Nose bleeding • Migraine • Weakness • Skin allergy • Symptoms of cold Seek emergency help from a trained health professional if you notice: • Symptoms of serious allergic illnesses e.g., swollen face, hives, and difficulty in breathing. • Severe reaction on the skin e.g., rash, pain, peeling skin, burning eyes, fever.

Where Can You Buy Accutane Pills?

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